Natural permanent and fast relief from pain without opiods

Natural permanent and fast relief from pain without opiods

Natural Permanent and Fast relief from pain without opiods

If you are interested in pain relief that is Natural, Permanent and Fast without lifelong reliance on Opiods then you must read this article.

Pain is a blessing because it tells that something is wrong in your body and needs your attention. Pain is the messenger. Sometimes the message is so intense that you just want it to shut up and disappear. You can kill the messenger but the fact that there is something wrong will not change and sooner or later you have to address the reason. At times there is no solution, no cure, then the only possible way out is pain killers but in most of the cases, finding & addressing the root cause will make the pain go away.

Pain can be divided into two main categories:

If your pain is due to an obvious case e.g. an injury, then doing the required medical treatment and taking the right homeopathic remedy in the right potency will relieve the pain at an amazingly fast rate e.g. if you have a bruised & painful feeling due to an injury, take ARNICA. If the pain is due to injury to a nerve and is shooting pain, take HYPERICUM and so on depending on the type of injury or non-injury cause. You can use our FREE Smart Remedy Finder to find the right remedy within minutes for many ailments & injuries along with detailed prescription guidelines on how soon to expect improvement, when to repeat the dose etc.

If your pain is due to unknown reasons e.g. Fibromyalgia then it requires CONSTITUTIONAL treatment using homeopathy. You should consult a good classical Hahnemannian homeopath who will be able to treat you and good results should start showing within 2-3 months.

So Natural permanent and fast relief from pain without opiods is possible, all you have to do is look for a treatment that suites you.

We believe homeopathy is the most natural & fastest method of healing, still it is not magic and even homeopathy follows the laws of nature.

Accordingly, cure will be governed by the following factors:

  • Age of the patient (the younger the patient, the faster the cure)
  • General health of the patient (better health will ensure faster cure)
  • Age of the problem (older problems take longer to resolve)
  • Severity of the problem (more severe problems take longer to resolve)
  • Cause of the problem (the simpler the cause, the quicker the fix, old, genetically inherited problems are very difficult to resolve)
  • Treatments already taken for the problem (the more suppressive treatments used, the more difficult the cure)
  • Location of the problem (skin problems don’t resolve unless the underlying internal health issues are cured)

Homeopathic remedies are:
– Safe
– Fast acting
– Give permanent cure
– Non-toxic
– Non-invasive
– Extremely cheap. Homeopathic medicines (called remedies) cost less than $10 for more than 5 (five) years of supply!
– Last a lifetime and have no expiry date

If you want to benefit from the holistic healing approach with homeopathy, you have two options:

Self Help:
If you are familiar with homeopathy and want to treat yourself, you can use our FREE Smart Remedy Finder to find the right remedy within minutes for many ailments & injuries along with detailed prescription guidelines on how soon to expect improvement, when to repeat the dose etc.

We Help:
If you want us to find your remedy and manage your case, please use our Online Homeopathic Consultation which comes with a No Cure – No Pay promise i.e. we will treat you for one month without any fee, if you are satisfied with the results within one month, you pay us at the end of the month. If you are not satisfied, we stop the treatment & you go free.

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